Sunday, 11 June 2017

How To Stay Confident

Hello everyone! Today I have another private story to share with you all- how do I stay confident.

I am a very petite person (this is also why I run a blog called somePETITEmatters) and I have small boobs as well. I would say that there are a few stages for me to get along with my small boobs... I was a double A, yes, a AA cup (AAA in US sizing) girl. I was so insecure about my body, especially my boobs- will my (future) husband find them too small and unattractive? How can I wear bikini? How can I go with non-wired and non-padded bras? "I just can't." This was the answer when I was younger. 

After a few years, getting more information about self-acceptance. I said to myself, "it's okay. I look good." There is no problem on accepting one self. I started to go without paddings or wire in almost everything. I forced myself not to care about what the others say. 

But I feel a bit empty- why? I then noticed that indeed I was still uncomfortable with my small boobs. I just forced myself to act like I didn't care. So I stopped "acting cool" to see what I can do to be confident, for real.

I was severely unweight. I found it scary for not having thigh gap or something like that. So I ate a little food (and this was also why my boobs were tiny) (I also posted about my self-acceptance story on weight gaining hereThis is not the most popular post but this is probably one of my favourite posts I have even written). 

I asked myself- "Why is it scary to gain weight when I am so skinny? Why is it scary to become healthy?" I couldn't argue so I started to do exercise; I ate more, especially healthy food; I regulated my sleeping schedule; I massaged my boobs; I purchased and wore well-fitted bras. And it is like magic- when I do not only focus on my boobs anymore, they grow (although they are still in quite a small size). I have gained some weight and I don't get sick too often anymore. What is more important is that I love how I look and how I live now more.

Now when I want to be sexy, I would wear padded bras with no shame; when I want to be mobile, I would definitely go with non-padded and non-wired tops with no shame; I feel good to know and understand what I need and then I go for it. I feel hot!

I do not mean that self-acceptance is not good. But if you need to force yourself to do so without feeling comfortable, then I would definitely recommend you to try and find ways and methods to make yourself feel empowered and healthy, for both mentally and physically. You do you. Love yourself. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Petite Bras for Modern Women - Let's Join Pepper's Kickstarter Together!

Pepper is going to give small chested women a better choice on shopping bras :D

Hello everyone! Today I have a good news to share with you all! But before I make my announcement, let's do a little check together- Do you see any gaps between your bra and your breasts? Do you always need to pull the bra down after it keeps rising up on your body? Do you find it uncomfortable to have so many paddings in you bra? If your answer is "yes", please continue to read this post.

Pepper is a newly founded bra company for small chested women. Their All-You Bra promotes four basic but must-have philosophy:

  • No more gaps: The special design can give you natural curve and cleavage while eliminate bra gaps without crazy paddings
  • Better sizing: Pepper takes a step further to design well-fitted cups for every women
  • Comfort without compromises: As a petite girl, the wire of the cups tends to be too long for my small ribcage. Pepper's shorter and unobtrusive underwire would make sure the All-You bra to sit on your body better
  • Women-led, socially-responsible manufacturer: Pepper aims to push women forward by cooperating with women-led manufacturer, also covering the welfare for their employees. 
Let's have a look at Pepper's All-You Bra:
Simple and clean

The mesh detail is killing me... so pretty!

Comparison with the bra we can get from stores: 
No more heavy paddings. No more bra gaps. More security!
No more too-long wires. No more too-wide centre. More natural curves and cleavage!
I know you are just as excited as I am- a bra that fits with affordable price finally comes! The Kickstarter will start on 12 April, 2017 and the All-You bra are ready to delivered to customers with an estimated date September 2017. You can join the Early bird three-day-period discount in order to enjoy a lower price at USD37 (original price: USD40) and also lifetime free delivery within the U.S. International delivery will be charged for an additional fee at around USD15-20 (varies from places). 

The All-You Bra is available from size 32AA to 38B, in both black and beige. A survey will be conducted when you purchase an All-You Bra to collect data for bra size and make sure a well-fitted bra will be delivered to you. 

Pepper's founders, Jaclyn Fu, experienced in bringing what customers need and want at Etsy and Mozilla Firefox, and Lia Winograd, an ex-McKinsey consultant, aims to empower women by designing All-You Bra and promoting the value of beauty of being just the way you are and loving ourselves. 

What are you waiting for? Let's join Pepper's Kickstarter together!

For more information, you are welcomed to visit their official website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

**Information and images are provided by Pepper
**I am NOT paid for the press, I personally really appreciate on Pepper's aspiration so I publish this post.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tribal New Moon with Pearl-Star by J!P Just Inspired Product

J!P Just Inspired Product Handmade Accessories
Hello everyone! If you have read my OOTD 4 April 2017, you will see the beautiful pair of earrings that I wear. Again it is from my favourite earrings brand- J!P Just Inspired Product Handmade Accessories.

Let's get a closer look:
How cute is it! The pearl-bead is so pretty.
A regular paper clip as size giude
Sorry for my messy hair...

Again, what I like is that J!P allows us to customise the patterns and colour of the earrings. In this style, you can change the colour of the moon shape (I have it transparent but you can definitely make it into orange or green or blue- whatever colour that J!P is available); you can change the pattern (J!P would have a variety of choices of the patterns; you can also change the bead (in different colour and sizes).

If you are interested in the moon-earrings of J!P, here are some other styles that you may consider to take a look into:
Image by J!P (Instagram)
I really appreciate local handmade products. To me, they are not only accessories, but also a value- the value to create quality goods in this hustle and bustle.

Here is the Instagram of J!P Just Inspired Product and you can find the contact information, as well as the products images.

Welcome to comment down below or sending me messages and tell me which style of earrings you like most!

**Products are NOT provided by J!P Just Inspired Product

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

From 2013 to 2017, from BMI 13 to 17

Hello! I am sorry I don't have a photo for today's post because I couldn't find one that I really want to post and to me, it is quite a personal blog post- yes, today, I am going to talk about my weight gaining.

When I first entered university, according to the BMI calculation, my BMI was around 13.6, which is underweight, super underweight. I didn't find that was a problem as being skinny was a "trend" and people around me would say something like, "You have pretty legs!" or "I love your waist!" These made me have a thought that "yeah, maybe I should keep my body like this thin." And I ate so little so I thought I wouldn't grow fat on my thighs or stomach.

I could not find photos that can really show how boney I was because I found that I used to cover my body so much so people would not notice how skinny I was. I didn't notice that until my body and health started to alarm me.

I became so inferior because I am so flat- I put inserts in my underwear, I wore layers of clothes, I covered myself.

My health became worse and worse- I was so easy to be sick, and I took a long while to recover; people found me always wearing a mask because I was too weak.

I then started my weight gaining so as to reach my beauty desire. But then I found that it was so hard to gain weight because I was told that my digestive system was too active and my body just could not get the nutrition from food like what other people can do so if I wanted to gain weight, I needed to improve my body health as a whole.

I then regulate my rest, my meals, my basic exercise and finally my health gets better and better and I slowly gain weight. My BMI is now around 17. Although it is still underweight, I feel much better and stronger than before.

I did have some struggle- I used not to have some fat around my stomach area; my thigh gap was larger, my face was real small. However, I do love myself more. Not because I am "prettier" as there are tons of different kinds of beauty standards/ values/ point of view and I am still flat and petite indeed. Instead, my health is now improved and this allows me to explore more. I would not be trapped by my weak body or bad health anymore.

For all the girls and readers, I write this post does not because I think that a petite girl should gain weight. I don't even know why I would like o post this (I have kept this post in my drawer for a while) but I just want you to remember, You Do You. You are always pretty and beautiful. You may feel insecure or uncomfortable at your body figure or appearance but it is not the most important thing. Staying healthy matters the most.

Monday, 6 March 2017

#SheerBraDrive in March 2017 - Have You Donated Your Bras?

I just bought a new and well-fit bra with the 15% off discount after donation!

Hello! Today I would like to share with you my bra donation experience.

Sheer is a Hong Kong luxury designer lingerie shop. You can find a lot of quality lingerie in a wide variety of sizes (from different designer brands).

Sheer has launched a bra donation for 5 years and this year it continues this charity act. You can bring your old bras to the places it lists (link will be posted at the end of this post) so you can donate your old or unfitted bras to women and teen girls from unprivileged countries.

Bras do not only function to support women's bodies, but they can also help establish self-esteem and security. Your donation will definitely help those women who cannot afford to buy a bra.

After your donation, you can enjoy a 15% off on Sheer's new products (up to 2 pieces).

Here is the link of the #SheerBraDrive, you can find more information on that.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Geometric Beauty in Earrings by J!P Just Inspired Product

Earrings by J!P Just Inspired Product 

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share another product from my favourite earrings brand- J!P Just Inspired Product Handmade Accessories. Here is the link to my previous post on J!P's earrings :)

As usual, I really like wearing big and colourful earrings even I am petite as I believe that they can really finish the whole look. 

This pair of hollow square earrings with fringes are really beautiful. 

Those little colour pieces are natural stones. I like how them pop out their colour with the white as the base. As usual, You can customise the earrings. 
How the earrings look on (Thank you for sending me the photo, my friend!)

Here are some other geometric earrings from J!P Just Inspired Product Handmade Accessories (but there are much more than those here on the Instagram): 

Hollow or not, with or without fringes- it's all up to you! You can visit her Instagram for more earrings and contact information :D Please support Hong Kong local brands :)

Welcome to leave a comment below or send me a message and tell me which is your fav brand of earrings!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Adjustable Bracelets for Petite Girls by Earthtone Handmade Products

Bracelets by Earthtone Handmade Products

As a petite girl, I do have very thin wrists so it is difficult for me to find some bracelets that really fit me.

Also, I like wondering around so much- I go to beaches; I go to hike; I just love moving! So having some very good quality accessories is a must- I don't break them easily.

A few years ago I found this special shop on Instagram and I really found some bracelets that I need! And it is Earthtone Handmade Products.

Most of the products are made by waterproof wax thread so they are durable and you can just wear them everyday without taking them off when you bath or exercise.

The sliding knot design makes it fit on thin girls or some strong guys at the same time. See how customer-friendly it is!

Another special feature of Earthtone Handmade Products is that natural stones are used in the products so you can choose on the crystals that match with your need and personality if you want (or believe in the theory and use of natural stones).

You can customise your own style so you can have your very own kind of accessories! Here are some other products by Earthtone Handmade Products:

From earrings to necklaces, from bracelets to rings- there are variety kinds of accessories (from super simple designs to braided and complex designs) that you can choose from. Also, the shop owner is a Hanna artists so she can also create beautiful Hanna designs on your body as well.

The shop owner has launched a campaign to do charity sale for an NGO called Hong Kong Paws Guardian.

Here is the Instagram link and the products are also available in Vintage Maze

Welcome to comment down below or send me a message and tell me where do you usually get your accessories :D